Water Leak Detection

Has A Water Leak Destroyed Your Property?

The amount of damage that could possibly be caused from a water leak could be disastrous and it may get worse if it is not attended to immediately. Many cases of water leaks, though, is that you do not know the location and therefore it will keep damaging the property. There are companies who specialise in water leak detection and will be able to find the source as well as being able to tell you what the best course of action to fix it is.

Water leak detection won’t do any damage to your property and neither will the equipment used to find the exact point of the leak. The water leak can be detected by using either acoustic water leak detection, tracer gas or Water Leak Detectionthermal imaging. These methods will be able to find where the water leak is quickly, minimising the possible amount of damage that could be caused.

Acoustic water leak detection is a method that uses ground and pipe sensitive microphones. They enhance the sound of the water leak, therefore giving the company the exact location of the water leak and will be able to repair it.

Tracer gas is a system that uses pressurised gas and this is used when the water leak is difficult to find. This could be in a situation where the leak is in a long section of pipeline. The gas will be able to be detected on the ground when it escapes. The method tests for leaks on pipe constructions, heating systems and waste pipes.

Thermal imaging is a technique where a coloured image will appear on a screen, highlighting the warm and cool areas. This will help the company determine exactly where the water leak is.

The company will carry out a survey in a way that will not damage your property. After this has been done, you will be given a fully detailed water leak detection report and they will tell you what the best way to repair the water leak is.