Loss Assessors Offer A Free Service To Insured Clients

When you need you make an insurance claim due to damage to your property, how do you know if your insurer is going to pay out all that you are entitled to? Did you know that there are independent loss assessors who can work on your behalf rather than you having to trust the findings of a loss adjuster who is working on behalf of your insurer?

There are many different occurrences that can cause a huge amount of damage to your property such as a fire, storm, flood or even a water leak. As an insurance policy holder you would expect your insurer to cover the costs of any repairs that may need completing.

One of the main problems is that insurers may be looking to reduce their costs where possible. If there is a clause in the policy that they can exploit to reduce their liability then maybe they may try to take advantage of this. If you didn’t know any better you may just roll over and accept what they are telling you without obtaining a second opinion.

This is one of the many reasons where loss assessors who work independently can assist you ensure you are treated fairly. One of the main problems that many policy holders have is that having to pay for their own loss assessors is not an added expense that they are wiloss assessorslling to risk. What many people do not realise is that a few loss adjusters can offer a free loss adjusting service subject to certain conditions.

One group of loss assessors to in particular are the PLA group. With most insurance claims resulting from property damage, they offer a free loss assessing service. In order to take advantage of this service all you have to do is to allow them to appoint a building restoration company of their choice. In fact the builders that they recommend are part of a nationwide network which only specialise in repair work as a result of fire, flood or storm damage.