Construction Defects Such As Latent Defects & Patent Defects.

Know The Facts Before Its To Late.

Has your property sustained a large amount of damage in the past or have you just recently purchased a property and have noticed any visible damage? Are you seeing damp around floor boards, ceiling or inter walls? This is know as latent defects.Latent Defects

If you see anything like this then your property might be suffering from construction defects. There are two main types of Construction Defects and these are latent and patent defects.
Patent and latent defects can occur when poor workmanship or construction martials are involved. Both of these defects will need looking into straight away especially latent defects.
The reason why Latent defects needs looking into so urgently is because you can’t see the damage until it is too late. Since the damage goes unnoticed it can get costlier to you if you leave it unattended.

Know The Risks Of Latent Defects.

It can also turn into a health risk, especially if there is mould starting to grow. One reason why mould grows is because the area is damp and bacteria starts to grow on the contaminated area. There are some ways you can notice latent defects this is by looking for cracks coming through, mould around the floor or skirting boards and watching out for raising damp.
If the latent defect is noticed in the 1st year or 2nd year after contractors have fixed your property, then the building contractor should be notified straight away so that they can come back to fix it at their expense. This will only work if you have a contact between both you and the contractor.

Patent defects are damages which you can see such as cracks in the walls, broken floor boards and any other visible damage. These can be a lot easier to repair since you can see how much damage has occurred.

If you have suffered latent defect and are wondering about making a claim on your Property so that it can get fixed, then you should contact Property Defects first. They can help you out with your claim and will help provide knowledge and will constantly battle with your insurer to ensure you get your full settlement which you deserve. Visit to find out more information.